Four of Amazon’s Top Expert Sellers Revealed Their Secrets for Finding Wholesale Deals, Locally & Globally

Conducted on location just prior to the Vegas ASD

Attendees paid $1,300 + travel and hotel to attend...
but we captured it all for you on video!

The training revealed in these videos is just as useful for those who DIDN'T or CAN'T attend trade shows live and it applies to any trade show you might ever attend. The training will help you understand why wholesalers and brand owners need you, and how to properly approach them live or virtually. As a bonus, we are including the book 'Trade Show No Show' from TradeShowNoShow.com that reveals how you can find great inventory from trade shows without ever attending one!

About the event:

ASD happens twice per year and it brings the widest variety of merchandise together in one efficient consumer-goods trade show. Seven shows in one: gift & home, fashion accessories + affordable fashion-apparel & footwear, jewelry & cash + carry, health & beauty, toys & novelties, value & variety + general merchandise, source direct.

This made ASD a great opportunity to gather interested entrepreneurs and teach them to source using the same wholesale strategies that are used by some of today's most accomplished sourcing experts.

asd-experts-graphic-05The hosts were Skip McGrath, Jim Cockrum, John Bullard Sr, and Jose Calero. These are four leading experts in the arena of finding profitable inventory and growing highly profitable business models online. The training helped prepare attendees for maximum results when approaching wholesalers during and after the event. The training event was held on location in the two days leading up to ASD Vegas and we filmed it all for you!

Attendees participated in two days of intense training and discussion about trade shows that you can use well beyond just ASD. Attendees learned:

  • 7 ways to source products for eBay & Amazon
  • Importing products to sell
  • Sourcing techniques to find exclusive & private label products
  • Sourcing strategies to create bundles
  • Steps to building multiple income streams
  • Why you aren't just a seller – you are an Internet Marketer
  • How to beat Amazon at their own game with an unfair advantage
  • Why "information" as a product is the best margins you'll ever see – and how to do it right
  • How to prepare for a trade show
  • What to do at the trade show
  • What to do after the trade show
  • How to benefit from trade shows without attending
  • ...and much more!

Now available for replay at your convenience.

Actual Attendee Comments From The Conference

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how grateful I am to have spent a couple of days with you, Skip, Jim and Jose! I learned so much and picked up so many tips on how to source products, negotiate with vendors, and "manage the conversation" that I know I saved myself many months of trial and error. Thanks to your hands on training and personal walk through of the show, I was able to negotiate my first exclusive and get great pricing on a dozen other product lines. My first shipments should be arriving at My Inventory Team’s warehouse before the end of the month. Many thanks and talk soon!
- Gregory H.

Jim, Skip, Jose and John were INCREDIBLE!!! Worth every minute... Thanks for sharing and lighting the path.
- Susan

I was so blessed to be there in Vegas with my friends to meet the best wholesale coaches in the whole universe who care about our success. Thank you, thank you, thank you John! God bless you!
- LiLi

I've been doing e-commerce for 15 years, I still learned lots of tips from this conference. E-commerce environment keep evolving at lightening speed, to me, keep my self up to date is very important. ...It really good use of my time to join this conference. To take away few tips can help me to avoid lots of thousands dollar mistakes.
- Michael L.

The Experts

mcgrath-skip-05Skip McGrath started selling on eBay in 1999 and Amazon in 2006. He is the author of over a dozen books about selling on eBay, Amazon and the Internet.

One of his best selling books over the years is The Wholesale Buying System that teaches you how, what and where to buy products to sell on eBay and/or Amazon. And, Skip publishes the eBay and Amazon Sellers News, a twice-monthly ezine for eBay and Amazon Sellers. Skip has presented at dozens of seminars and conferences about wholesale sourcing and selling on eBay and Amazon.

cockrum-jim-05Jim Cockrum is on a mission to help entrepreneurs THRIVE – and it’s working! Why listen to what Jim has to say about business success? Over 250,000 already do listen, he is the founder of the #1 "how-to-sell-on-Amazon" training course, and the testimonials are pouring in.

Jim is ranked among the most trusted Internet Marketers in the world (among hundreds of ‘experts’ his name keeps showing up on top) according to the 40,000 voting members of one independent watch dog service he was voted number one “most trusted.”

He actively sells on Amazon & eBay (since 1997) and he has a large network of his former students turned partners & coaches who all run successful businesses online themselves, while helping others do the same. He’s sold or helped his clients sell tens of millions of dollars of products and services online since 2000. His training helps everyone from stay home entrepreneurs seeking to start successful online businesses, to large corporate clients seeking to use the Internet as a creative marketing tool. He’s earned his full-time living from the Internet since 2002, and he works full-time studying effective Internet strategies while sharing with anyone who will listen about his proven, creative approach to success online and in life!

calero-jose-05José Calero brings a wide resource of experiences to his training programs. As an entrepreneur and product designer, José started LapWorks in April 2000 for the purpose of marketing his invention, the very successful Laptop Desk. Over a six year period the Laptop Desk sold over 22,000 units per month through retail distribution ultimately selling over 2.5 million units to date and still doing well.

In 2010 José began selling on Amazon and in 4 short years grew his sales to over one million dollars with just 90 products in three niche categories earning a net operating profit of 20%. Jose manages LapWorks with the help of his wife and partner, Leslie, of 45 years.

Prior to starting LapWorks, José spent 25 years selling packaging in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties where he earned commissions of six figures annually.

In service to his community, for the last 10 years, José has mentored at California State University, Fullerton, Mihaylo College of Business, Center for Entrepreneurship. He mentors under grad student teams launching a business or product or performing a consulting service for local businesses.

Ever since launching LapWorks, José has been studying and refining his sourcing and importing strategies. To where they are effortless compared to the cumbersome and overly complicated systems and methods offered by most of the books and experts.

José promises that after attending his training program on “How To Source and Import Products From China,” anyone can expertly work their way confidently through the maze to find the best suppliers for their top notch products at the lowest possible prices

bullard-john-05John Bullard is the co-founder of My Inventory Team and Maeja Associates and the initiator of this event. After many years in the retail market, John and his son John Jr. started an online business selling Pokémon cards on eBay.

After being successful on eBay they decided it was time to branch off and start selling Amazon. While they were successful on Amazon they saw a need to help others who were doing or trying to do the same things they were, so My Inventory Team was created.

MIT is a professional sales outlet for wholesalers, retailers and online sellers. By signing up to use this team you get to take advantage of two seasoned sellers who have a wealth of knowledge selling online.

Not only is John successful on Amazon, he is also very successful in the Trade Market format. He has attended numerous trade shows and now is considered an “expert” in this field. He uses his knowledge in all things trade show related to help others maneuver their way around them as well. His advice and expertise has helped many new comers feel very comfortable and successful also.

John just recently co-authored a book with Ryan Reger called “Beyond Arbitrage.” In this book they discuss different ways to increase your inventory. John provides his knowledge in the book and explains how to work a trade show and everything that goes with it.

John and his wife Esther live in Huntingdon, TN and have been married for 31 years. They have two sons, John Jr., and Danny and two grandchildren who Maeja Associates was named for. Gabriella and Jasper.

Reviews of the Videos

If knowledge is power this conference is like an information download from 5 experts. It answers questions that you didn't know you had. When you have finished watching, listening and absorbing this you will realize just how much you have really learned.

This conference reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Once the curtain has been pushed aside and you realize what is going on, it all becomes so much easier to understand.

What to do, and what not to do, from 5 people who have decades of combined wisdom. Just one idea could make or save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. This truly is a conference that will pay for itself many times over.

–Michael Yeshman

I thought the videos were fantastic. The quality is excellent. Each presenter gave golden nuggets that I already have added to my business. The Wholesale Sourcing Conference videos are packed full of actionable information. A great asset to the Jim Cockrum brand.

–Matt Carlett

I have been attending trade shows, merchandise marts and cash 'n carry shows for over 20 years but I still picked up good tips like researching the show participants and making a plan before going onto the sales floor... Another recommendation I liked was to start at the back end of the show to avoid the crowds. I have done this and it works great! I learned a lot about importing and private labeling. I had always thought that I would have to sell huge amounts of product and that the process would be too difficult for me to master but I have changed my mind. I see now that it is do-able.

I got a much better idea of what "Systems" are and how to organize my business so it isn't sucking up all of my life from Robyn. And I have recognized the importance of multiple streams but I got a better idea of what that means and how to make it happen from Jim "Slow and steady...baby steps. I do have a lot of retail experience and 9 years of online experience but these videos offer a lot of rich, valuable content for beginners and for people who have been at it for a while.

–Cindy Gustafson

I have been following both Skip McGrath and Jim Cockrum for years and always find there products full of useful information and positive energy. Simply put these videos are absolutely amazing. There are so many useful tips and tidbits from the Wholesale Sourcing Conference that I plan to use or have already started to implement. Not only was there great advice this made me so motivated to do so much more then I'm doing now. I also wanted to add that Jim Cockrum's  speech really reached me and filled me with a new level of confidence and positivity. Thank you all so very much.

–Maryann Rohrabaugh

I first want to say thanks to those leading this conference for truly believing that the best secrets are meant to be shared! This conference is one of those "secrets" that anyone serious about learning proven strategies for sourcing should get in on. There is plenty here for the beginner to the experienced veteran. I appreciated the range of material covered, especially the juxtaposition of big picture ideas (like "information as a product") to very practical specific sourcing how to.

As someone who is fairly new to the big wild world of Amazon selling and wholesale sourcing in general, this material has already helped take some of the intimidation factor out of the equation. As a result of this conference I have some practical next steps to take that I can take tomorrow for expanding sourcing avenues and ultimately expanding the ceiling of my business.

Thank you Skip, Jim, Jose and John for making this possible! I look forward to being another success story as a result of your generosity and wisdom!

–John Kovacs, Baltimore MD

As someone who has enjoyed selling on Amazon for about 7 months now, I found them to be both inspiring and informative. I would have loved to have attended this event in person, but these videos were the next best thing. As a result of my viewing so far, I’ve set goals to research wholesale opportunities and then move into buying products within the next 3 months.

In particular, I appreciated Skip’s talk on wholesale sourcing  and  took many notes during his presentation so I can refer back to them. I also found the panel discussions to be full of a wide range of information. It was great to hear the same question answered by 4 different people with a variety of knowledge and personal experiences. I’ve listened to about 4 hours of the conference now and am looking forward to taking in the rest of it.

Great job! And thanks again for the opportunity.

–Deb Kivett

Think you can't make it in this business because you can't go to a conference like "The Big Guys." Pack up your fear, put the kids to bed, kick back, put your feet up and soak it all in. Pause it, rewind it, fast forward. HA! Can't do that at a conference. Standing Ovation! Buy one for yourself and one for a friend.

–Patricia Smith

ASD Categories Include

Health and beauty supplies
Beauty tools
Military surplus
Military gear new

Flags, pins and patches
Electronics and accessories
Airsoft guns
Sports and outdoors
Home and garden
Gourmet Foods
Liquidation products
Smoking accessories

Wow! Just...wow! The abundance of useful information in these videos is almost overwhelming! Everyone's presentation (even the all-too-brief teaching by Robyn Johnson) was packed full of valuable ideas. I love the honesty of the presenters, sharing their mistakes as well as their triumphs. If you are unable to put together a successful wholesale strategy after watching these videos, you must have had the Mute button on!

Jeff C.

The videos from the Wholesale Sourcing Conference are excellent! You feel as if you've been right there with the people who went to the event. The speakers are all excellent and give such valuable content, each with their own expertise and easy to understand presentations. Highly recommend!

-Gayle Treend

If you are looking to move into wholesale and take your business to the next level, then this course is a must. You can watch people who are walking the talk and learn from them. And if you follow only a fraction of the content you will grow a massive business. But as with anything you need to take action. So if wholesale is on your todo list buy this product, and then watch and take action.

-Andrew Milburn

WOW! I know lots of people say that when writing a review for a product, but I can't think of a better word to describe the videos of the Wholesale Conference. Before watching the videos, I had never heard of Jose Calero, but he is my new hero! I was hesitant to watch his video on product sourcing and importing, as I've already sourced and am selling a private label product from China, but his VERY detailed approach had me taking notes and considering how I can improve what I've already done. In fact, I just got a new product sample from my supplier in China that I was going to launch on its own, but I'd jumped into it without doing enough research. After hearing his strategies, I now plan to bundle it with my existing product, making it a "gift set" and I know it will not only keep my competitors at bay, but also increase my net profits per purchase by at least $10, making closer to $20 per item.

These videos are not just for newbies, although there is enough information to help you get started if you are. Lots and lots of gems in every video. Definitely a series I will be watching over and over to make sure I catch everything I missed the first time around. And boy, does this make me wish I'd signed up to attend live! Put me on the list for the next event!

P.S. I put off watching these videos because I was just really busy, but now I can't stop watching them! They really are that good!

-Susan Whitehead

Having the opportunity to be taught how to source wholesale items at specialized shows by the likes of Skip McGrath, Jim Cockrum, Jose Calero, and John Bullard Sr. is absolutely priceless. These four marketers are the Real Deal when it comes to Wholesale Sourcing. I was floored at all the nuggets these experts revealed in this training. Secure your copy now, before this is taken down permanently, or the price rises dramatically.

-George Nieves

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